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There are quite a few blogs on Warhammer finally beginning to pop up. I thought I would provide you with some of the links so that you can enjoy them yourself!

Hobby Horse This is a great blog for inspiration. The guy who runs it is called Old Fogey and you should be familiar with his work from the Glass Cabinet on the Warhammer forum. I usually just go here to see what he has done recently and to copy his techniques. He really does come up with some nicely painted miniatures with some wonderful time saving techniques. You can generally pester him a little to reveal his secrets. Sadly he doesn’t update very regularly!

Geek Tactica I just found this blog recently and wow it is great! This guy updates really often and while it is rarely about Warhammer he does play some really interesting games. Currently his group seems to be playing Chaos in Carpathia and he has created some really fantastic terrain for it.

Rolls Dice This site mainly deals with 40k. I am still awaiting this guy finishing his wonderful 40k city… however he seems to get easily distracted! However he updates pretty often with some really nice stuff. He seems to paint like a machine despite complaing that he has no time at all!

Massive Voodoo This site is generally pretty weird but the guy is one of the best painters I have seen. He has a great number of articles and guides. It really is a great place to research something new. The recent tutorial on how to make lenses is great.

From the Warp This is a pretty popular site for 40k. The best thing about the site is the links they provide to others. I regularly find a lot of different places via this sites blog roll. The posts are generally interesting but 40k just isn’t my thing at the moment.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the sites and get some good hobby inspiration from them!

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