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Battle of Jebel Hafeet – a WH40k Battle Report

The Battle of Jebel Hafeet A Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report at the Last Chancers club between Brian and Ross In the cold of dawn rune priest Hrafn rechecked the Aegis lines’ AA guns one last time as scout squad Auga reported in marked targets.  The last three months had been devastating for the inhabitants of the industrial world Sharujah.  The… (more…)

A Northern View – Interview with TNI 40k captain Rowan Sheridan

Rowan is the captain of the Northern Irish 40k team for the ETC this year, stepping into the role vacated by  Jonny Fisher after many years’ service. Rowan kindly spent some time running through his thoughts on Team Northern Ireland, the ETC and the importance of community gaming. When Jonny Fisher stepped aside as TNI 40k captain, it was the end of… (more…)

Guest post from 8th Warrior on the new Chaos Daemon Codex

Chaos Daemon expert 8th Warrior is a good friend of mine and I asked him to put down his thoughts on the new Chaos Daemon Codex. As always, expect robust points of view with no little humour and just a touch of advice from old Niccolo. Take it away John… I have been asked to expand on my opinions on… (more…)

Interview with 40k ETC Team Captain Peter Scott

    Just the other night, Peter “]-[arlequin” Scott took time out of his busy schedule to share a few words about himself, gaming in general and the European Team Championships. Peter is a regular on the 40k tournament scene and acquits himself very well in tournaments. He’s well known for his excellent blog which tends to deal with… (more…)

Dealing with Deepstriking Units

It’s Raining Men   You arrive at your local gaming club for your weekly dice chucking session with your friends ready to test your army against one of your buds. You both agree to play each other after agreeing a point level and the table you want to play on. He happily conveys to you his army list, telling you what… (more…)