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Table Top Day with the Last Chancers

April 5th was International Table Top Day, and I ran some games down in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town with the Last Chancers gaming club. I arrived at the Shack around 10am, and set up a game of Space Crusade which had been requested by some attendees.   Space Crusade was released in 1990 as a joint game between… (more…)

15mm gaming – why sometimes size does matter…

As a long-time player of 28mm scale games such as 40K, War Machine and Infinity, I’d always assumed that 28mm was the one true gaming scale. Why else would every game out there be in 28mm? Or at least, so I thought. Over the last 18 months I’ve delved into the slightly mysterious world of smaller scale gaming and found… (more…)