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Quite a large game of WHFB

After a  number of years of collecting my Daemons of Chaos, I finally got around to getting almost all of them painted. To celebrate this, I challenged Dave Leahy to organise a High Elf army to face my Daemons and thankfully he agreed to provide the opposition. As I have quite a few Daemons – over 12,000 points in fact… (more…)

TLC get all ETC-style!

Last night, the Last Chancers gaming club went all ETC and played a four against four team event using ETC rules. We played down at the Shack in Wicklow town as always, and the evening was a lot of fun. Dave Leahy was the main organiser, with help from Dave Holohan and the tables were ready and waiting for us…along… (more…)

Warriors…new units reviews

So, the new Warriors book treated us to a bunch of new stuff. Let’s have a look at what’s available now… Daemon Princes   Probably the biggest new change in the book – viable Daemon Princes. The big thing here is just how customisable they are. It’s easy to pick two with minimal equipment at games of 2400+, or it’s… (more…)

Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos – first thoughts

Well, barely has the latest Warhammer Armies book hit the shelves and it’s being greedily dissected across the ether of the internet. Of course, we’re all coming up with the latest awesome list and thoughts on it, but experience has shown that it’s often better to let the dust settle, pick some lists and play some games both with and… (more…)

Lizardmen – are they top dogs?

After the dust has settled after a tournament or just a good game and players retire to the bar for refreshments (often at a bar), then the chat regularly turns to which army is currently the strongest, cheesiest or most powerful. Such barstool chat has been the staple of gamers since gaming began many moons ago. Today, I’d like to… (more…)