Wargames Association Cork

From humble beginnings as a drunken pub boast to start the best wargaming club in the country, WAC (Wargames Association Cork) has done just that. We’ve been sending people to competitive events across Europe for the past few years with the UKGT and the ETC hosting our esteemed members in the past.

Although there is an emphasis on competitive gaming with many of our members amongst the top-ranked 40k and Fantasy players in Ireland, there’s always room for people who want a more relaxed setting. Every Thursday evening we meet up in UCC, from 6pm to 10pm, usually in L1 and there’s always someone to get a game against in either Warhammer 40k or Fantasy but we also play BFG, Malifaux and Inquisitor amongst other board and wargames.

While we travel to other tournaments and cons all over the island, we help to run one of the biggest (and best) Conventions in the country in conjunction with UCC’s WARPS: Warpcon is held annually in the last weekend of January on UCC’s campus. During the year we also run a Blood Bowl league as well as hosting a campaign-based weekend called Astronomicon.

If you’re looking for a game in Cork city then feel free to drop us a line at our Yahoo group page:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WACork/?yguid=11890703

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