International travel tip

THis is NOT my Box

Just a quick post to give people a little travel tip for travelling with their armies.

THis is NOT my Box

If you get a soft case for your army keep the cardboard box it came in.


Well I got a new case for my orks before Christmas.

A Sergeant Carrying Case from Portable Warfare, if anyone is wondering.

As luck would have it the box it came in was put aside for “storing stuff”.

So when I needed to take an army to Australia I packed the army in the case. Stuck the case in the cardboard box it had been shipped in for extra protection. The Box fitted into my luggage and was further protected by unimportant stuff like clothes for hand over to the tender mercies of the dreaded “ground staff”.

End result is the army travelled from Cork, through Heathrow and Hong Kong to Melbourne and suffered not an iota of damage.

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  1. Mr Saturday says:

    Good idea, I’d encase them in carbonite if I could. I don’t know I I’d have the nerve to put my army into luggage, I’d be a nervous wreck until I got them on the other side.

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