NWG Event

NWG is Wargaming Ireland’s flagship event which takes place annually in September. 2013 will the NWG V – the fifth year of NWG and the event has gone from strength to strength.

NWG is an event weekend that features a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament, a Warhammer 40,000 tournament, a Warmachine/Hordes tournament along with a pub quiz, board game day along with demonstration and participation games. This year, we’re also delighted to bring the inaugural Emerald Daemon competition to celebrate the best of Irish painting and modelling.

Our mission statement is to provide a very enjoyable and fair event offering a unique gaming experience to players.

NWG does this by allowing Forgeworld models, Army Books and Codices to be used and encouraging players to bring something a bit different from their regular go-to lists.  In doing so it is hoped new players are attracted by a chance to use their armies as intended and existing players are challenged by the increase diversity in potential lists.  It is hoped players will use this chance to use Forgeworld at an event to dust off and use some of their lesser-used-but-extremely-cool models. In addition NWG draws on international experience of players who have played abroad to introduce new and innovative features from events in Europe, the US and Australia to add to the tournament experience.

This is an event that’s always dared to be different – we were the first ranking event, the first event to allow Forgeworld and we’re proud that our event has a great reputation for being laid back, chilled out and great fun for all those who attend.

This year’s event takes place in the Grand Hotel Wicklow on the weekend of September 28th. Information is being added all the time, and updates are currently here

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