Emerald Daemon 2013

We’re delighted to announce the Wargaming Ireland Emerald Daemon Painting Competition 2013!

Over the course of the last few years, the tournament side of our hobby has received much love and it’s time to  redress the balance for those who prefer painting and modelling. The competition begins now, and the final entries must be presented on Saturday, 28th September at 1pm at NWG13 in Wicklow town. There are a number of categories that may be entered in, and you may enter more than one entry in each category.

The categories are:  

  • Single small (typical infantry/cavalry figure at 28mm scale)
  • Single large (single model larger than infantry/cavalry at 28mm scale)
  • Command group (unit of 1-10 models) 
  • Diorama (maximum size of 12” x 12” base)
  • Whiteshield (open competition for those aged 17 or under on the 28th September

The judging panel will answer all queries and be responsible for choosing the winners on the day. This panel consists of David Stafford, Dave Chambers, Ugo Greevy, Ciarán Bolger, Frank O’Donnell and Jay McKeown.

It will cost €10 to enter this competition, and a further €5 for each entry after the first. Two entries will cost €15, three €20 and so on. Prizes will consist of trophies and the priceless honour of being an Emerald Daemon winner!

Entries must be accompanied by two work-in-progress photographs with the entrant and a short paragraph on the work done on the model. This will help prevent any potential cheating and will also help the judges decide on the quality of the work – some conversions are simply too good to notice!

Some Q&A:

  1.  What model ranges may be used? Any and all. You may use models for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Warmachine/Hordes, Bolt Action or anything else.
  2.  I’m not sure what category my model falls into – how do I find out? Contact the judging panel for a judgement. Post on the dedicated thread on Wargaming Ireland and the judging panel will revert with an answer.
  3. Are the judges entering? Yes, some may be. However, they will not be voting on any category they do enter.
  4. What safeguards are in place to prevent cheating by getting a commission model painted and entering that? Firstly, the prizes have no cash value other than honour so there’s little point in cheating for financial gain. Secondly, we will ask for photographs of the work-in-progress as a deterrent. Finally, in the event that we retrospectively find that someone has behaved dishonourably, we will publish that information clearly and ban them from future events.
  5. Will identification be required for the Whiteshields competition? Yes. Photographic identification WILL be required. There will be no exceptions here.
  6. Do I have to attend NWG to enter my model? No. You may present your model to a judge in advance of NWG and they will present it for you.
  7. I’m playing in NWG. Can I enter a model I want to use as part of my army? Yes you may. Flag it clearly to us, and we may ask to view it in between games but it’s absolutely fine to use your model during the gaming event (carefully!)
  8. Is there a start date for painting my model? Only models started after NWG 2012 are allowed to be entered. For Emerald Daemon 2014, only models started after NWG 2013 will be allowed.

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