Warhammer 40,000 2013


1. Army Rosters

You can only create one army for the Tournament and it must be used in all of the games you play. The army roster must: Include your name, be clear and readable and it must present each unit separately including a full list of its items and relative point costs.

Army rosters must be submitted two weeks before the event to Dakeryus on the Wargaming Ireland forum (http://w-ired.org/blog/). During the Warm-Up period, both players must swap army rosters. You are required to allow and answer any questions your opponent might have. It is your responsibility to make sure your opponent can tell what each of your models/units represents.

Early bird bonus.

Players who submit their armies two weeks in advance of the event get an early bird bonus (For the first game the player can re-roll his first dice roll – after that it has no more effect).

1.1) Roster limitations

• No more than 1650 points may be spent on the army using one standard Force Organization chart;

• Armies must follow the restrictions on army selection in their own Codex. Battle Brothers and Allies of Convience are allowed as per main rule book;

• Armies may be built from Codices released up to six weeks before the event starts.

• Battle Brothers and Allies of Convenience are allowed as per main rule book;

• All models in the army must be based.

• Each squad must also be readily identifiable from one another. If there is any confusion as to whether or not your models are appropriately painted, based or identifiable, please contact us before you attend the tournament.

• Weapons, war gear options and upgrades chosen from the army list must be shown on the majority of the models in a unit.

• Conversions must be identifiable. If you are in any doubt about the validity of your conversion please contact the Tournament organizers immediately.

• The Official GW FAQs and Question & Answer articles that have been published to update the rulebook and existing Codices to sixth edition are used.

• Forgeworld Codices and models are permitted with the exception of super heavy vehicles, gargantuan monsters or Destroyer weapons. (That’s right you can dust of your Blood Slaughter, remora drones and other toys).

• Players can use scratch built proxies to represent forge world models but if they do so they are limited to one unit of the model or models. For example you can scratch build one Lucius drop pod and use it but not ten.

 1.2) Roster format

To assist players and organizers army list must be submitted in ETC format.

PLAYER : (firstname, nickname, secondname) ARMY DESCRIPTION : (codex used, mention relevant details which impact force organisation chart and choices, for instance Ravenwing)

HQ1 : (codex entry name, detailed cost of every options & wargear and their multiplier if any, transport reference number if relevant) [(point total without transport) pts]

HQ2 : (…)

Elite1 : (…)

Elite2 : (…)

Elite 3 : (…)

Troop 1 : (…)

Troop 2 : (…)

Troop 3 : (…)

Troop 4 : (…)

Troop 5 : (…)

Troop 6 : (…)

FA1: (…)

FA2: (…)

FA3: (…)

HS1: (…)

HS2: (…)

HS3: (…)

Transport 1 : (codex entry name, detailed cost of every options & wargear and their multiplier if any, unit transported) [(point total)pts]

Transport 2 : (idem supra…)

Transportx : (…)

Example of a completed Roster



HQ1:Hive Tyrant(170), Lash Whip& Bonesword, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms(15), Wings(60),Old Adversary(25), Paroxysm, Leece Essence(Total:270)

HQ2:Tervigon(160), Catalyst(15), Toxin Sacks(10), Claws and Teeth, Spine Clusters(Total: 185)

ELITES1: 3x Hive Guards(150)

ELITES2:2X Hive Guards(100)

ELITES3: 2xZoanthropes(120)

TROOPS1: 10x Termagant(50) Fleshborers(Total:50)

TROOPS2: Tervigon(160), Catalyst(15), Toxin Sacks(10), Adrenal Glands(10), Cluster Spines, Claws and Teeth (Total:195)

TROOPS3: 8xGenestealers (112), Toxin Sacks(24) (Total:136)

TROOPS4: 8xGenestealers (112), Toxin Sacks(24) (Total:136)

FASTATTACK1: 15x Gargoyles(90), Toxin Sacks(15), Adrenal Glands(15)(Total:120)

FASTATTACK2:14x Gargoyles(84), Toxin Sacks(14), Adrenal Glands(14)(Total:112)

FASTATTACK3:5x Raveners(150), Rending Claws(25)(Total:175)

 2) Appearance scores

Item Score (max) 


· 2 points per colour for a max of five colours



· 1 point for a painted or flocked base

· 3 point for painted and flocked

· 5 point for a themed base (e.g. scenic bases or conversions)



· 1 point for minimal conversions; (e.g. head or weapon swaps) on a few models

· 3 points for minor conversions; 3+ units with minimal conversion

· 5 points for major conversions; 3+ multiple units with heavy conversions

· 10 points for Wow conversions; 3+ units with heavy conversions making their first appearance at an event.


 WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)

All models are WYSIWYG



3 points if  your army includes 1-2 units you have never used before at a tournament

10 points if your army includes 3+ units you have never used before at a tournament



3 points if  your army includes a display board

10 points if your army includes a modelled themed display board.


 3) Playing the Tournament

 (3.1) The challenge

For the first round challenges are permitted. To issue a challenge please post your challenge on the W-ired event and tournaments board. If both players agree then they will be paired against each other for the first round.

 (3.2) The rounds

Opponents are allocated randomly in the first round and from then using the Swiss system All games end as described in the ending the game section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (page 90).

 (3.3) Not you again, ever

Regardless of rounds played, players will not play club mates or previous opponents. All players get five rounds against five new opponents to achieve a score in the event.  This may be changed on the event day in the are not enough players to find alternative opponents.

 3.4) Equal Number of turns

During the round we will announce the 30-minute mark. At this point you have 30 minutes left to finish your game. In the interest of fair play we strongly suggest that you only start a new turn after the 30-minute mark has been announced if you are both convinced that you can finish an entire game turn. If you can’t agree with your opponent you should call over a referee to make the decision.

The ‘Warm-Up’ period

 3.5) Warm up

Before every battle there is a ‘Warm-Up’ period between games

During this time you can:

• Discuss the terrain on it (what effect it will have on lines of sight, movement and the battle in general).

• Clear up any potential rules problems that might occur during the game.

• Discuss special rules and conditions for victory that apply to the scenario.

• Ask questions about your opponent’s army and the special rules that apply to it. If you are using Forgeworld units please take time to explain what these actually do.

• Swap army rosters

• The Warm-Up period is included as an official part of the Tournament and we advise all

contestants arrive in good time and make the most of it. It will prevent many unwanted debates during games and should help you and your opponent get off to a friendly start!

Players roll off to pick sides.

If fortifications are used, starting with the player who won the roll of to pick sides, players deploy their fortification.

All the terrain starts off table in a terrain pool. Starting  with the player who won the roll off to pick sides each player takes turn placing each peices of terrain. Terrain can not be deployed within 4” of another pieces of terrain, fortification or within 4” of the table edge. The process is repeated until all of the terrain is deployed or it is not possible to deploy an more terrain.

 4.1) Scenario details:

4.2) Primary missions:

A. Seize ground -> There are (4) objectives. Each one is the terrain precise nearest the centre of each table quarter. Each    objective is worth 3 VPS. The primary mission is worth 12 Vps.

B. Capture the flag -> Before deployment pick a passable terrain pieces in, or partly in, your opponents deployment zone.       That becomes your objective of the game.  Capturing your opponents objective is worth 6 VPs. Protecting your own         objective is worth 6 Vps. The primary mission is worth a total of 12 VPS

C. Annihilation -> modified kill points:

3 VPS points for a HQ unit

2 VPS points for a fast/heavy/elite unit

1 VPS point for a troop/ dedicated transports (including transports for elite/fast/heavy units

When the game has end each players adds up their kill points and checks the table below,

0-1 kill points difference 6/6 VPs to both players

2 kill points difference 7/5 VPS in favour of the player with highest kill points

3 kills points difference 8/4  VPS in favour of the player with highest kill points

4 kills points difference 9/3 VPS in favour of the player with highest kill points

5 kills points difference 10/2 VPS in favour of the player with highest kill points

6 kills points difference 11/1 VPS in favour of the player with highest kill points

7+ kills points difference 12/0 VPS in favour of the player with highest kill points

       The primary mission is worth 12 Vps.

D. Relic

As per main rule book.

Both players get 6 Vps if neither side holds the relic at the end of the game.

If the relic is captured but not in the controlling player’s deployment zone by the end of the game. They get 9 Vps       and their opponents get 3 VPS.

If the relic is captured and in the  controlling player’s deployment zone by the end of the game. They get 9 Vps and               their opponents get 0 VPS.

The primary mission is worth 12 Vps.

 4.3) Secondary mission:

(1) Sever the head.

You must kill the most expensive HQ IC in your opponent’s army.

(2) Attrition.

The player must destroy more of the enemy units then have own units destroyed.

(3) Break through.

You must get one scoring unit to leave the table voluntarily from your opponent’s table edge. Units in transports do    not count as scoring for break through

(4) Trophy kill. You must destroy the most expensive unit on your opponent’s rooster. If two or more units have equal       value, pick one before deployment and secretly write down the objective.

Secondary: 8 points (4 points for completing your mission, 4 points for denying the enemy mission)

4.3.1) Secondary selection mission

At the start of each round each player must random select a card. The card suit determines the player’s secondary mission. The mission does not have to be declared until after the game ends. The player must then show his card to his opponent to verify the mission. If the player loses the card he automatically loses the mission.

Hearts – Cut off the Head.

Diamonds – Breakthrough

Spades – trophy kill

Clubs- Attrition

 4.4) Missions schedule

Mission 1: Seize ground

Deployment: Dawn of War

Mission 2: Relic

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Mission 3:  Capture the flag

Deployment: Dawn of War

Mission 4: seize ground

Deployment: Vangaurd strike

Mission 5: Annihilation

Deployment: Dawn of war

 5) Using an illegal army

Using an illegal army will result in your score being halved for the previous rounds. Please double check your army list.

 6) Your result

We will display the scores registered for previous rounds. We recommend that you check these after each round and, should you find an error, report it to a referee. We will either change it immediately or ask you to get your opponent from that round to agree on the change.

You must inform us of an error before the end of the following round. We cannot and will not backtrack after the final results have been made public.

 7) Scoring points

Game points: each game scores between 0 and 20 points for a potential maximum of 100 points.

Appearance points score between 0 and 30 points for a potential maximum of 30 points

Yellow and Red Cards:

Sometimes we will penalize a participant for violating the rules or code of conduct of the Tournament as follows:

committing a yellow card offence – 5 points per offence;

committing a red card offence – disqualified.

 8) Ultimate Decisions:

The referees’ decision on all matters is final (persistent arguments from a player may result in being executed by a Commissar).

 9) Awards:

The Award categories are,

Placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd); The top three overall players will be rewarded for their performance with prizes,

The ABF (Best painted); For best painted army as judge by the umpires.

Best general; Highest scoring player on the most difficult path. Best general score = (Player’s score + the average score of their opponents)/2

Clever Mofo: The lists for NWG will be posted on W-ired whoever can guess closest to the correct final placings

Wargames widow; Spot prize for wife/girlfriend/special other just to say thank for letting players away for the weekend.

Helpful Mofo; spot prize for the most helpful player at the event e.g. bring terrain, helping to set up or take down terrain and generally helping the organizer.

Plus several other prizes depending on how the event goes.

And finally…..

Should you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of the tournament, please do not hesitate to contact Dakeryus on the Wargaming Ireland forum (http://w-ired.org/blog/)


Appearance scores are based on the Nova Open

Helpful Mofo and Wargames widow award are based on Oz Con

Forgeworld restrictions based on the Northguard Challenge

Clever Mofo award comes from South African Rapid Fire GT

Final thoughts

In the unlikely event of unsporting/difficult behaviour, we will apply our golden rule – “Don’t be a dickhead”.  Sanctions, which we never expect to use, for being a dickhead include awarding yellow cards, points deductions, red cards, tournament expulsion and banning from future events.  We certainly don’t expect to have to use this.

We’re proud of our event, and sincerely hope that everyone has a great time.  We look forward to welcoming you to Wicklow, and sharing stories of fantastic fortune, limitless luck and dastardly dice.

The NWG 2013 Team

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