Guest post from 8th Warrior on the new Chaos Daemon Codex

Chaos Daemon expert 8th Warrior is a good friend of mine and I asked him to put down his thoughts on the new Chaos Daemon Codex. As always, expect robust points of view with no little humour and just a touch of advice from old Niccolo. Take it away John…

I have been asked to expand on my opinions on the genius of the Chaos Daemon codex redesign. Let’s start with many people’s first impressions of the Chaos Daemon Codex.

Utter pants

Utter pants

For the record, I am a mono-Tzeentch player so please forgive that bias but what I want to say is true for the whole codex so lets see where that takes us. Full disclosure first, I had expectations, so when the Codex dropped I have to say day 1 I was very disappointed, my preconceptions were dashed and my anticipated list was seriously in ruins.

But all that has changed…

Lets start with the army wide rules:- Daemonic Alignment has revamped the blessings each of the Dark Gods bestows on his faithful. Tzeentch looks very different, they are good Psykers and have a get out of jail free card sometimes. No surprise that Khorne hits and hits hard when they charge. Nurgle now uses clouds of flies to protect his faithful and Slaanesh know how to get in fast and really tickle. Daemons can only join Daemons of like alignment.

Eternal Warrior is gone and this has serious implications for Daemon players of old. You have to accept this and move on.

Payback's a bitch!

Payback’s a bitch!

Apart from Skulltaker with his Cloak of Skulls the whole army is much more fragile now so plan for it. The ramifications of this go far further though, Daemon Prince’s can be instagibbed now by Strength 10 weapons and even the higher toughness Greater Daemons need to watch out with Biomancy powers like Enfeeble about and as for Force Weapons – don’t get me started … as if Grey Knights needed any more help!

Fearless is gone! But let’s look more closely at another rule that to my mind is the biggest change with the biggest impact in this codex.

Daemonic Instability is here and is an incredible double-edged sword. It is a very detailed rule and those without it cannot join units with this rule. Units with this rule automatically pass Pinning, Fear and Morale checks so versus shooting, Daemons got all the best of Fearless without actually being Fearless. They still don’t get the benefit of “Our Weapons are Useless” as they cannot choose to fail a morale test but they can go to ground now which when you take Tzeentch’s save of 1 rerolls and Nurgle’s shrouding flies into account makes objective babysitting even better. It is when you lose a close combat that this rule goes up a very significant gear.

You do a Daemonic Instability (Leadership) test and if you roll snake eyes all your casualties come back but if you roll box cars say goodbye to the whole squad – but it’s the in-between results that is where the gears of this rule really turn. Including modifiers from the combat resolution you subtract your leadership value and you take automatic wounds with no save whatsoever and by the way – there is no Leadership 10 in the codex!

Screamers say they got this...

Screamers say they got this…

...Tzeentch says they don't!

…Tzeentch says they don’t!


Daemonic Assault Also gone but is this such a bad thing? Every unit has Deep Strike so what you want to start on the table and what you want to stay delayed might delay even longer before it comes in and refuses to die. This is a good thing folks, real good, show you later with Soul Grinders…

Warlord Traits has a Codex-specific table that while situational as always is pretty good compared to any single rulebook table.

Warp Storm has a table of random events that happen each of your shooting turns. On first glance seems to force us into mono-God lists. Damage output looks worse than it is and middle rolls can hit any of the Dark God forces in your army in addition to the enemy. Unless you roll really low :-( or really high :-), I find it just wastes time and is quite meh most of the time. If you are still concerned and want multi-God lists simply be prepared to pay some points to play sweet music to the offended Dark God.

as it is difficult to combine both love and fear, if one has to choose between them it is far safer to be feared than loved.” – Niccolò Machiavelli

Daemon rule gives all the Codex Invulnerable Saves and also includes Fear. However with the amount of loyalist power armoured “And they Shall Know No Fear” codexes, Fearless units, Immunity to Fear, daemonic Instability and high leadership I find it is seldom an issue in the current meta. Like the warp Storm, occasionally it will make a difference but don’t depend on it. There are so many blogs out there about what the units can do (which are far from experienced enough yet to be a tactica or produce netlists thankfully). What I will do is run through the Force Organisation Chart slots and just jot down some things I have found with my extensive research and playtesting (read 6 games for that last bit). 

HQ Section (a real menu with lots of options) Named Greater Daemons have been changed and Fateweaver for example has a completely new set of rules and thus battlefield role now for example. Gone are the days of the re-roll bubble but he is the King of Buffs. Generic Greater Daemons are, well, great to be honest. Nice statline, nice options, each has a different role to play and are highly customisable (Flying/Ground/Psyker/Assault/Buff/Don’t Die). They also get access to lots of rewards which we will save to the end. Basic they are strong, tooled up they are awesome.

Daemon Princes belong here but if you take a Greater Daemon then these guys (same Daemonic Alignment!) move to Heavy Support so we will discuss them later. Named Heralds too have lots of changes and again I won’t repeat countless blogs on the subject. Lots of shiny stuff to distract but move on trust me. Generic Heralds have transport options to let them suit up for the unit they want to travel with and 3 levels of god specific Loci which provide buffs to their units. I think there is a lot of magic in these guys and much more to be discovered yet. Not enough buffs in your army, how does 4 per HQ slot sound?

Up to eight cheap buffing units in one list? Thank you GW!

Up to eight cheap buffing units in one list? Thank you GW!

Elite Section (nerf bat central supposedly) This section on first glance has supposedly been hit hardest by the nerf bat but as people’s experience grows and grows we are seeing Heralds being the confounder here when they join units. Heralds reverse some of the reversals with their buffs. I won’t lie they did take a hit but again their role in the army has changed so try to adapt to the change and you might still find yourself fielding your old favourite units.

Coming to a table near you soon...

Coming to a table near you soon…

My beloved Flamers were hit hardest but anyone who thinks they didn’t need reigning in needs to learn how to play 40K instead of looking for autowin buttons (Cron Air have vacancies I believe!). As I keep saying to people who start this conversation, points cost a Guardsman, give him 2 Wounds, a S4 AP4 Flamer, a 5+ Invun save, a reroll on any saves of a 1, lets make him S4 T4 and I4 and you know what, give him a jump pack too. Seem expensive now?

Troop Section (cheap cheap) Daemon troops have got real cheap and hordish armies are an affordable option points wise, at least for Daemon players. Yes folks Bloodletters are only T3 but the rest of their stat line means that while Space Marines seemingly know no fear the certainly know caution when thinking about assaulting these guys. Don’t over think this section, they score, they capture objectives or contest them and they can fight a bit some of them, or die less a bit some of them. Once again adding Heralds lets you mess with the group dynamic with Loci & rewards…and did I mention they are cheap?

Fast Attack Section (the love children of Robin Cruddace & Phil Kelly) This section got a lot of TLC (pun wasted on those not of this forum but trust me it was a good one hehe).

Daemonic lovechild ftw?

Daemonic lovechild ftw?

Phil, I love Seekers & Flesh Hounds

Robin, I still love screamers but these new Plague Drones are adorable

Lets adopt them all then

 While the fact the other 3 Gods got good treatment in this section (Flesh Hounds are soooo cool now), I have seen plenty of internet whining about Tzeentch’s poor Screamers getting clobbered by the nerf bat. They too needed reigning in but there were very long reigns used here hehe. Now you have a tactical choice in whether you do 4 good attacks or 1 great attack. How do you decide, look at the table and see what you are fighting (obviously). Okay,okay you are real upset they are not as good as they were … how about rerolling to hit and your opponent has to reroll successful saves, feel better now? Another great place to apply some Herald buffing power!

Heavy Support section (pick your preferred poison) Chariots are new and I am not going to spend any time here due to no playing experience plus I want to see if Tzeentch’s chariot gets fixed in an FAQ as a fragile shooting chariot that cannot move and shoot is just bad bad bad. Daemon Princes however are here if you take a Greater Daemon and keep the alignment the same for the DP. These have a slightly lesser statline (T5 without Eternal Warrior being the key one to watch out for) but are nonetheless highly customisable Flying Monstrous Creatures and if you have never tried 3 or more FMCs in a list you owe it to yourself to see how much fun this can be.

Red Baron of Tzeentch and friends...

Red Baron of Tzeentch and friends…

I have always loved Soul Grinders, I have three and in games where I used all three I lost one nearly always to Deep Strike mishaps. Problem no more thanks to NO MORE DAEMONIC ASSAULT. Their points cost versus their stats makes Defilers weep in envy but wait Codex Chaos Daemons is not finished yet …

The two best flavours

The two best flavours

The guy on the Skyshield is a Tzeentch one looking for great line of sight while enjoying the Invulnerable Save when in Shielded Configuration and then you get the save rerolls on 1s too. Bothered by Helldrakes with Baleflamers? Those Horrors are giving the passing one the finger… The other two Grinders are behind ruins and obscured at least 25% so they get … oh wait … they are Nurgle Grinders so they get as good a save as Terminator armour but without the AP worries LOL. Their BS is as good as a Guardsman so nothing to write home about but those Harvesters are like Autocannons except they can Skyfire! NOW you know why the Defiler was crying! Prescience Tzeentch Herald anyone? (Notice the recurring theme here?) I saved the best to last so now we get to it REWARDS!

Daemonic Rewards (you can have your cake and eat it) All Unit ‘Sergeants’, Heralds and HQ choices get access to various points limits of Rewards which come in 3 tiers, lesser, greater or exalted. The big guys, just take 2 Greater Rewards and watch your opponent weep at how buffed and OP an already powerful unit got for a very reasonable points cost. You might want a greater and exalted reward but I think others can carry the exalted one. Heralds & Troop ‘Sergeant upgrades’, it is situational if and when these guys get a real benefit from lesser and greater rewards to be honest and with their statline they are still fragile so don’t go too crazy but these are the guys you might want to take an exalted reward.

The icing on the cake comes in two flavours!

The icing on the cake comes in two flavours!

The random Exalted Reward can be swapped for your choice of Hellforged Artifacts. Fancy the opportunity to get +2 to your Invun Save? The Grimoire of True Names might just give you that chance (well 66% of the time anyway).

Fancy a free unit of D6 troops of your choice each of your movement phases? The Portaglyph might just give that to you (well 50% of the time anyway).

What about the chance to drop a character’s Leadership in close combat permanently by D6 a turn? Doomstone gives you the chance but its odds are greatly increased by softening up the target with IG Battle Psykers first 😉

It is 6th Ed folks and this Codex likes allies just like any other. So the Hellforged Artifacts are the first bit of the icing and you want to know the last don’t you? Some people complain about the random rewards but they are good and you get a roll for option and an alternative if you don’t like it.

However there is another reason you might not like a reward … wrong opponent. These rewards let you make choices in your list depending on the opponent you are facing and very few things in 40K let you rewrite parts of your list depending on the opponent you are up against.

This codex is fragile and not a beginners one IMHO. It is tactical, flexible but yes more of a glass cannon than it was and Daemonic Instability is the most dangerous thing in it for you the player of it! The reward for taking this risk though is fun and twists in the plot of the game that you can increase or reduce depending on your playstyle and a strong codex when played well, make no mistake about that.

Niccolò Machiavelli wrote “All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it’s impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.” He also wrote “”That one should avoid being despised and hated” and the Tzeentch Daemons of the last few months definitely caused these responses thanks to that infamous White Dwarf update.

This codex however delivers lists that are fun for both players and if the dice do go pear shaped remember even Terminators roll 1s on occasion and just laugh with your opponent at the Chaos on the table.

I think this is hands down the most intricate and best of the 6th Ed codexes yet. It is pure 40K genius if you look close enough. If this is a taste of the future … I LIKE.

So, bearing in mind that first image I showed you, how do I feel about the codex now you ask? Let me show you –


A Tale of Wired Gamers : Part I – In the beginning

A long time ago in a galaxy far far aw…. – oh, sorry, wrong game.

Welcome to the first article in the A Tale of Wired Gamers. All the participants have set themselves the goal of building and painting a new army over the next several months. We aim to post every week with our progress but for week one I’ll allow the participants to introduce themselves and their projects.

Ugo Greevy (AKA emrys)

Hi, I’m Ugo and I have almost 30 years (on and off) of warhammer under my belt, I’ve probably about 75k points worth of WFB models painted in that time.

I’ll be doing Warriors of Chaos. My army is assembled and primed already. It will be monster MSU with a low model count in order to encourage me to get the army painted quickly. The plan is to get army finished in 6 months – so I plan to paint 400-500 points per month.

Nigel Kavanagh (AKA Brooklyn)

I’m Nigel and I mostly play Warhammer Fantasy Battle with Daemons. I’ve decided to take the plunge with Tomb Kings as a side project because I’ve a long standing interest in Egyptian Mythology, and I love the army’s lore and fluff.

I hope to paint 2,500 points within three months, and will aim for 1,000 points in each of the first two months.

Jason Lane (AKA Osneros)

My name is Jason Lane, and I got into modelling a long time ago calling into Eason’s and picking up one Prince August model a week, then progressed into RPing and using the models as markers. I started into 40k with Rogue Trader with a couple of mismatched minis picked up the RTB01 set of marines in Virgin Megastore and was hooked since then.

I’m less than a casual gamer as I play most of my games at tournaments I find it very hard to make time for gaming. I’m big into the tournament scene but not the tournament play. I like to bring fluffy lists with units I want to play not have to play.

I’m going to finish my Chaos Space Marines that I started in 1994 for this I love the backround to the traitors and the fluff, I hope to get through at least 500-800 points a month and I’m planning on using this as my NWG Anyone But Frank challenge also.

Brian Leonard (AKA Lenny)

I’m Lenny and I’ve been involved with wargaming since I got my first Warhammer boxed set (5th edition) for my 13th birthday. Since then I’ve played Warhammer (with Empire, Dwarfs and Dark Elves), 40K (Chaos Space Marines, Crimson Fists and Blood Angels), Warmachine (Cygnar), HORDES (Gatormen), Blood Bowl (Humans, Elves and Orcs), Gorkamorka, Empire of the Dead and more.

For my project I’m going to be building a Warriors of Chaos army. It will be something different from my previous armies (where’s my shooting) and I’ll be aiming to increase my painted army size by 500 points a month. For the first month I’m going to paint up the following

Chaos Sorcerer (115) – Mark of Slaanesh
12 Chaos Warriors (246) – Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command, Mark of Nurgle.
12 Chaos Marauders (138) – Light Armour, Shield, Full Command, Mark of Slaanesh.

Ian Moody (AKA madEye)

Hey, I’m Ian (madEye on w-ired). Moody is what everyone calls me in real life!

So my background in gaming started a loooong time ago with Epic and warhammer fantasy battle.  I took a hiatus from the hobby during college. I kept up to date with the odd miniature and a lot of books. The Horus Heresy and the odd Codex and Army book. You never really leave the hobby. I came back with a bang when I joined The Last Chancers. So I have decided to have a proper go at round bases!!!

Dark Angels where the first 40K army I built and I have always loved the first legion. I was delighted when the new Codex came out. A proper codex with all the fluff coming together nicely. I have decided to do a Guardians of the Covenant (A successor Chapter). the main reason for this was there are two beautiful Dark Angels Armies in the TLC already and they are superb! Also Jarvis is also starting a Dark Angels force too! With this in mind i thought about a successor chapter, it basically came down to the paint scheme i liked best. I really liked the silver & black with the red robes for the guardians. Decision made err i think maybe kind of……… No seriously I am set on this army list and happy to get started this week!

The theme behind the army will be they are in the middle of a campaign battling the Necrons. It Will be the Third Company reinforced with elements from the First and Second company. They have suffered severe casualties when a tomb world awoke! At the moment the force is co ordinating the defence of a forgeworld that is essential to the war effort of the Segmentum Pacificus. The World was attacked by Necrons emerging in force from the veiled region. At the moment things hang in the balance with the Guardians of the Covenant sending rapid reaction forces to the most vital battle grounds.

I plan to build a list of 1850 to play in NWG 2013. I will post the list on Tuesday, for NWG the list may change drastically but i will have the core 1850 built and painted over the time frame for A Tale of Wired Gamers. I will try and build this in two 750 blocks and a 350 point block for the end. This should hopefully give me time in the last month to do a bit of tidying up and last minute conversions etc!

Brian Stack (AKA knotdragon)

Hi, my name is Brian (knotdragon) and I’ve been gaming, with a large break for life and stuff taken somewhere in the middle, for around 20 years.  I’m a model/fluff guy myself and love nothing more than beautiful table tops full of great models and terrain and reading my nerd fiction in bed.  I’m taking a shot at painting my roughly 1500 points of Elysian Drop Troops I recently acquired as allies for my grumpy Space Wolves.  I got them for a number of reasons – primarily they look awesome, they have buggies (!!), interesting background, great detail and poses and when you put an Elysian beside a wolf guard in terminator armour that marine really does look like a walking tank!

I’m planning on painting 200 points a month realistically – my wolves aren’t yet finished but I reckon that amount will actually encourage the wolves along rather than hamper my “efforts”.

Dave Stafford (AKA Mr Saturday)

I’m Dave (Mr Saturday) and I’m all about the Warhammer. I’ve been playing since 3rd ed, and right now I’m all about the Fimir. I Iove the pseudo Celtic myth thing they have going on. I’ve been working on the army on and off for a couple of years to use as a counts as WoC army, but now I’ve decided to get it up to 2400 points in time for NWG 2013. I’ve got about 1,500 points to get done by then, which as my painting speed is huge. We’re talking about 200ish points a month.

So now that we’ve introduced our participants we’ll be back with them soon to see how they’ve gotten started with their projects.

We few, we lucky few, we band of gamers……………..

15mm gaming – why sometimes size does matter…

As a long-time player of 28mm scale games such as 40K, War Machine and Infinity, I’d always assumed that 28mm was the one true gaming scale. Why else would every game out there be in 28mm?

Or at least, so I thought.

Over the last 18 months I’ve delved into the slightly mysterious world of smaller scale gaming and found a lot of fun, great value and excellent rule-sets along my journey.

I’d like to share some of the reasons that I like these smaller scales so much and if there’s interest then I’ll expand on where to start getting models and rule-sets in a further post.

    • It’s cheap. Really cheap! You can build an entire 15mm sci-fi force including some tanks/AFV for 50 euro.15mm WWII is only slightly dearer as long as you avoid Battlefront miniatures. My Russian force of 10 tanks, 1 armoured car and 150 infantry cost 70 euro. The Germans were about 90 euro but include 16 tanks and half-tracks! These are good size forces – bigger than a 40K 2000 point army.
Khurasan Space Demons and GZG UNSC

Khurasan Space Demons and GZG UNSC

    • It’s system-neutral. I can use my two 15mm sci-fi armies for Tomorrow’s War (winner of TMP Sci-Fi rules of the year), Gruntz 15mm (10 euro PDF, Sci-Fi platoon level game where you stat out your own army/vehicles), Critical Mass (stand based company size gaming) or plenty of other games out there.I can buy whatever 15mm models I like the look of, from whichever manufacturer to use in these games. I can mix and match models from different ranges to get the look that I like.

      Choosing what models to put in your force is half the fun! I have Halo style jeeps, 8 legged walker APCs, hover-tanks, bi-pedal Mecha. I’m a nerd, these things are awesome to me!

      My 15mm WWII forces can be used for Flames of War as well as what I’m currently using them for – Battle Group Kursk. There’s also the highly rated “I ain’t been shot, Mum” by the Two Fat Lardies, Blitzkrieg Commander in 15mm and tonnes of other good games out there that I haven’t had the time to try.

      If you buy a rule-set from a company that doesn’t have a miniature line tied to it then you don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest between a good game and their need to sell miniatures to keep the company going. The problem of rule-changes designed to encourage you to buy and field more of their models disappears as does the issue of changes to your army’s codex making your army un-fun. If you decide you really no longer like a rule-set then you can even change rule-set but keep using your already painted army!

    • There’s more room to manouevure in games. You don’t get the car-park style effect you can get with 28mm, where 1/4 of the table is under models and there’s no room for anybody to flank their opponents. A 6×4 table with 28mm models is a brawl, which can be fun but that same table with 15mm models can allow manoeuvre to play a greater role in the game.
    • Ground scale changes. Distances look more believable and guns are now shooting distances that you couldn’t just throw a rock. Ground-scale still isn’t close to realistic at 15mm but while things looked wrong to me at first when moving from what I was used to at 28mm, I now much prefer it and really feel it makes games look more panoramic. I’m excited about doing a Battle Group Kursk game on an 8×6′ table very soon!
Ground Zero Games UNSC

Ground Zero Games UNSC


Ground Zero Games Crusties

Ground Zero Games Crusties

  • They’re quick and easy to paintA base coat and a wash produce very nice results. That’s almost all these two forces use – there’s a few token pieces of highlighting such as a dot of colour on the human’s visors but that’s it.

    I have seen some beautiful 15mm armies if you want to put the time into them and they particularly lend themselves to dioramic multi-basing.

  • They’re easy to store. A complete army fits in a box. Considering that my War-Machine forces currently take up most of a wardrobe this is a good thing!
  • They’re easy to transport. I base my 15mm infantry on 1 cent coins and Mecha etc. on steel washers. So they’re magnetic. Using cheap rare-earth magnets or magnetic sheet, a complete army can easily be transported around in a biscuit tin! With no rubbing of foam on the models. I can bring two opposing armies in with me more easily than a single 28mm force.
  • Terrain is quick and cheap to make as well as much easier to store. You can buy resin or laser-cut MDF buildings from many different suppliers if you want to spend the money and they’re cheap compared to 28mm of course.

Expanding into 15mm armies has been a really fun gaming adventure for me. It’s a low investment in time and money and it opens up a whole new world of gaming to you.

Interview with 40k ETC Team Captain Peter Scott

Current day Imperial Guard have to pretend they’ve laspistols



Just the other night, Peter “]-[arlequin” Scott took time out of his busy schedule to share a few words about himself, gaming in general and the European Team Championships. Peter is a regular on the 40k tournament scene and acquits himself very well in tournaments. He’s well known for his excellent blog which tends to deal with probability and statistics and the application of both to 40k games.

Like many of us, Peter’s introduction to wargaming was in the dim and distant 80s (as opposed to the grim and dark future) and he began with playing the staple diet of Hero Quest, Space Crusade, Axis and Allies and Escape from Colditz. Peter quite happily admits to being something of a “boardgame geek” as a kid, and also dabbled with Dungeons & Dragons then. Since then, Peter has narrowed down his gaming to “40k, and (very) occasionally Magic the Gathering” and it’s not hard to see why, since it was the history and background of the 40k universe that Peter enjoys.

“The setting has real appeal – I grew up with a love of the fluff since Rogue Trader (and Space Crusade). Since getting back into the game over the last three to four years, I’ve come to appreciate the depth and variety the game has to offer.” Peter is also full of praise for the strength of the Irish 40k tournament scene which “makes our tournaments great events.”

Like many players who have attended the ETC, Peter picked out that event as being a gaming highlight which really challenged him as a player. Jonny Fisher takes an honourable mention as one of Peter’s favourite opponents. Unsurprisingly, Peter is full of praise for the Irish tournament scene, branding them “a great balance of fun and competition…you get to meet some great people”.

Being captain of an ETC team is no small task. According to Peter, he only managed to become captain after a titanic Highlander-style campaign which was “a brutal succession of single combat with the thousands of other players vying for the position”. Not content with that, Peter then had to actually be voted in as captain. He continued “having worked with former captain (Mike Tangney) quite intensively on pairing strategy, and with some egging on by Paul Quigley, I drew up a manifesto of how I wanted to select and run the team, and it passed unopposed.” One gets the impression with Peter that he’s modest of his achievements – Peter’s manifesto was almost universally approved by the community.

As part of this manifesto, it was necessary to set out how he would pick his team, which is often one of the most controversial areas of the captaincy. “The plan revolves around rankings. There’s a sign up thread on Wargaming Ireland and OnTheStep. For eight slots, four come from the top four players in the thread. Three slots are for top ranked generals, i.e. best player of army X. The last slot is for me, but I may use that slot to bring in a new player who has never played in the ETC before – we need new blood!”

For many potential players, the choice of the top ranked generals, and the armies being brought are of crucial importance…so what mix of armies is he considering? “It’s definitely still in flux, the 6th Edition meta hasn’t really settled and there are new codices predicted very soon. That said, there’s real strength in Necrons, Daemons, Grey Knights, Space Wolves, and Imperial Guard – so those seem like obvious choices. I’m keeping my eyes peeled on tournament results here and abroad to work out the rest…”

ETC success, for Peter, is to do better than previous years…so a top nine finish is the result aimed for. Peter also stressed the holistic view that the players need to enjoy the event and to “come back with big ideas on how we can do even better in 2014”.

The ETC and the Irish tournament scene are strongly linked. I asked Peter for his thoughts on this link “I think the ETC definitely has positive effects on the gaming community. There’s an aspirational aspect, people competing and perfecting their game in order to get on the team. It also brings the Irish community much more deeply into the international gaming scene, to meet new people, and see entirely different gaming metas. I think it also influences tournament organisers in Ireland to standardise their formats and rules – but that can be reductive, so not always a good thing.”

Should we use standardised ETC missions all the time then?  “Right now 6th Edition is still in its infancy, so I lean more towards ‘keep it like the main rulebook’, but having new missions, and different rules (e.g. Forgeworld inclusions) kept 5th Edition fresh as it reached the end.”

The ETC seems a long time away, but there are plenty of ongoing things to keep the team and the community occupied in the meantime. “There are a few milestones, initial team selection in April, Six Nations in May, and the man event in August. But there’s an ongoing body of work, army selection and refinement, talking to sponsors, organising dice, bags, shirts, travel and accommodation, keeping up to date on all developments on the ETC captains forum, and practice practice practice!”

With the community being so integral to the team, I asked Peter how the wider community can help between ETC time and now. “First and foremost I’d say go to tournaments, and try out new ideas. Our team will only be as strong as the tournament scene that we play in. Right now we also really need a few good folks to keep track of ETC rules and FAQs as they get written for 6th Edition. Last year we had some great success with people running small fund raisers at tournaments – that would be fantastic to see again. I plan on running a competition for the shirt, dice and template designs – so all our talented artists can come out of the woodwork. After selection, a steady stream of practice partners to provide specific matchups and set piece scenarios will really help us.”

Do you have sponsors? “Sending a team to the ETC is an expensive undertaking, so I’d love to minimise the cost to the players. I’m currently talking to the good folks of the Irish Games Association, they were instrumental in funding last year and I hope we can keep the arrangement. We also have support from the Hobby Shack and OG Games who are offering us deep discounts on team supplies. If any of your readers have any other ideas then I’m keen to listen!”

To show his enthusiasm for the scene, Peter is attending plenty of upcoming events and said he’s especially looking forward to Shack Attack Standard this weekend, and Itzacon in March (he would say that though…he’s won it previously!)

Finally, I asked Peter if he had a message for the Wargaming Ireland community. “I love hearing from the community on their ideas, suggestions, and questions about the ETC. So I’d say don’t be shy, talk to me at tournaments, or via the forums, or via WarHamSandwich. Oh, and don’t forget to put your name in the sign-up thread, the more the merrier!”

With that, it was time for a cup of tea and to thank Peter for kindly giving his time. It looks like the Irish 40k ETC team for 2013 is in safe hands, as I enjoyed my tea and, appropriately, a ham sandwich.

Peter Scott is the current captain of the Irish 40K ETC team and was the chaos player and statistician for the 2012 team.  He has been playing Warhammer 40,000 since 1988 and, after a long absence from the hobby, started playing in tournaments in 2009.

Peter is a member of the Warheads gaming club, and is the author of the website

When not playing Warhammer 40k, he works a management consultant and has completed projects in over 20 countries.

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Warriors…new units reviews

So, the new Warriors book treated us to a bunch of new stuff. Let’s have a look at what’s available now…

Daemon Princes


Huzzah! I'm no longer shit

Huzzah! I’m no longer shit

Probably the biggest new change in the book – viable Daemon Princes. The big thing here is just how customisable they are. It’s easy to pick two with minimal equipment at games of 2400+, or it’s possible to tool one up quite substantially. In many ways, this is a little similar to bringing double Slann or a single “party” Slann. For 315 points, he can come with Daemonic Flight (Fly), Scaled Skin and Chaos Armour. Not bad, with a 2+/5++ save and flying. Alternatively, keep him on foot and give him Mark of Nurgle. Suddenly, he’s a bit slower and a bit less maneouverable…but he’s 30 points cheaper and -1 to being hit. Both are nice, cheap options.

One option for a tooled-up Daemon Prince is to give him Daemonic Flight, Chaos Armour, Scaled Skin (as above) plus Mark of Nurgle, Charmed Shield, Flaming Breath, Soul Feeder and make him Level Four as well. Now you got a wrecking machine that’s Unbreakable, has great buff and hex spells for combat…and can regain wounds in two different ways. It will take enormous firepower to take this guy down, and the Charmed Shield should help him avoid lucky death from a cannon too.

Nurgle Chaos Warriors

Smells Like Nurgle Spirit

Smells Like Nurgle Spirit

Okay, okay…so they’re not new. But the newer Mark of Nurgle is really, really good. Getting -1 to be hit is superb, and I can see units of these guys being equipped with Great Weapons – this counters the high Toughness and strong armour we’re seeing everywhere these days and the Mark should reduce hits by around a third, generally. Using the Nurgle spell Miasma of Pestilence, or the Shadow spell (via a Slaaneshi Sorcerer) Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma, it’s entirely possible to only hit these guys on a 6. Then, they WILL inflict the pain back.

Khorne Forsaken

All the Gribbly, all the time

All the Gribbly, all the time

Erm, yeah…I know they’re also not new, but they may as well be. These guys are a really useful choice now – D3+1 attack (while Frenzied) is pretty good when re-rolling to hit. With a pretty good move of 6, this unit can counter quickly and really cause damage to lighter troops. On top of that, there’s a lovely bonus in the Freakish Mutations chart – even Knights would fear it if Decapitating Claws was rolled (Killing Blow). A unit of just seven could have 28 Hatred Killing Blow attacks. That’s gotta bite.


Flying Hydra?

Flying Hydra?

A “flying Hydra” or something a bit more rubbish? Well, I think you’d need to bring Flaming Breath and Regenerating Flesh to begin with, and then you’re 100 points over the cost of the aforementioned Hydra. On the plus side, it has 6+d3 Attacks, and a Thunderstomp – all at Strength 6. Downsides are Initiative 2 and Leadership 5. This is a very strong unit, no doubt about that. It will mince most non-elite infantry units, but will need to pick its targets carefully. Flying into a unit of White Lions or even Banner of Eternal Flame- wielding Elves won’t end well for it, and it’s also susceptible to many spells. I think it’ll be best used to support other units in combat, where it will absolutely monster combats – using the other units to bring in combat resolution and soak up some damage. There’s a definite place in the list for this creature.

Gorebeast Chariots

Unimaginative name...but pretty choppy!

Unimaginative name…but pretty choppy!

A chariot, only bigger, tougher, with Killing Blow. Very nasty. This unit is great, and best used in a counter-charge context. Limited by M6, it’ll take a while to reach the enemy’s lines. But with T6, W5 and a 3+ Armour Save…this unit isn’t going anywhere. Add in seven S5 Attacks from crew and beast, and this is one of the few chariots that can join combat for the long haul. Looks an absolute bargain points-wise too.


Unimaginative name...but not so choppy!

Unimaginative name…but not so choppy!

An interesting choice. At 225 points with the +2A upgrade, it’s a lot of points for something with T5 and just a 4+ Armour Save. When bound to a Warriors of Chaos character, he’s good…but still limited by only 4+2 Attacks (plus Thunderstomp). If the character dies, he’s not so useful at all. I think it’s a nice idea…but there are better choices in the list. Unless you really want to have a crazed unit that can kill your own army around…

Mutalith Vortex Beasts

GW take the piss out of people with lisps

GW take the piss out of people with lisps

Downsides – he’s not great in combat except against weaker units (D6+2 Attacks at S5). He must also get close to the enemy in order to cast its Bound Spell, and is expensive at 240 points. Upsides – if he gets his spell off against most armies, they’ll really fear it. Most opponents will simply keep a few dice to one side to ensure that it gets stopped. Of course, this means that the Warriors of Chaos player will have a freer reign on his spells during that phase. Worth it? Maybe, but again I think there are better choices in the book.