Table Top Day with the Last Chancers

April 5th was International Table Top Day, and I ran some games down in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town with the Last Chancers gaming club. I arrived at the Shack around 10am, and set up a game of Space Crusade which had been requested by some attendees.

Space Crusade


Space Crusade was released in 1990 as a joint game between Games Workshop and Milton Bradley, and for many people was their introduction into the world of Warhammer 40,000. Suffice to say that there was plenty of nostalgia from us older guys along with a few calls of “this game is older than me!” from some of the younger whippersnappers. We played the second mission, and it ended up really close and exciting. Ross (playing Ultramarines) managed to gain the primary objective before his last surviving model was taken out by the Dreadnought. Frank was sneaky as hell – taking out some of Patrick’s Blood Angels – and racked up the casualties, while Patrick did a great job in combat. Overall, the Alien player (me!) won, but only by dint of some rather good rolls towards the end game. It was a lot of fun though – and Space Crusade will definitely be going on the road at other events.

Space Crusade2


Next up, we went from the grimdark world of 40k to the, erm, grim and dark world of Lovecraft for a game of Elder Signs. This proved really popular, and it was such an easy game to pick up that after I ran one game of it, Frank ran a second one despite never playing it before the day. At this game we had some of our younger members play as well – and one of them managed to get the final roll which won the game and kept Hastur at bay for a while longer!

Elder Signs


At this point, it was time for a bite to eat. Ciarán was kind enough to give a demonstration game of Warmachine to me, and it’s a game that a few of us in the club are interested in getting in to. As always, Ciarán did a great job of explaining the game and the rules, and he event went so far as to loan me a faction. I’m really looking forward to getting more games of this in.



Ciarán brought down some of his lovely models too – his latest faction is the Convergence of Cyriss which look great. Plenty of attendees got a game or two in, and I’m sure a few will have been bitten by the Warmachine bug.



Shane brought down his awesome Infinity stuff too, and his terrain was one of the highlights of the day. The game looks fantastic and plays really well. Matt got a game or two of this in, and was last seen leaving the Shack with a copy of the rulebook under his arm!

Infinity3 Infinity2 Infinity1


Absolutely great stuff, as can be seen from the photos.

We didn’t get as much painting done as we’d have liked to, unfortunately, but that only gave us an excuse to play more games! My own afternoon was rounded out by an epic game of X-Wing against Piotr which went right down to the wire. A little bit of dice fortune at the very end helped me to take out the last Imperial ship…but poor old Wedge Antilles had only two hull points left with the rest of the Rebel fleet destoyed. Smashing game, and we’re already arranging a rematch!

FoW2 FoW1

There were lots of other things going on during the day – lots of kids arrived to paint in one room, and there were games of Flames of War and Warhammer 40,000 taking place all the time. There were other board games happening too, with Matt and Dave running some Twilight Struggle (which I subsequently borrowed). At that point, it was time to retire to the pub for a well-earned beer after a fantastic day’s gaming.

Painting1 General3 General2 General1


As an aside, the IGA did a great job of promoting the various Table Top Day events around the country, and anyone with an interest in the day needs to check out the IGA Facebook page for Table Top Day –


3 Responses to Table Top Day with the Last Chancers

  1. frank says:

    A really great days fun Nigel & as a certain actor says I’ll be back.

  2. Piotr says:

    Oh, my Imperial Squadron is gonna get back at you Nigel! I promise!
    Although it was such a great game that! Many thanks!

  3. Brian Stack says:

    Sorry I missed it

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