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Battle of Jebel Hafeet – a WH40k Battle Report

The Battle of Jebel Hafeet A Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report at the Last Chancers club between Brian and Ross In the cold of dawn rune priest Hrafn rechecked the Aegis lines’ AA guns one last time as scout squad Auga reported in marked targets.  The last three months had been devastating for the inhabitants of the industrial world Sharujah.  The… (more…)

Table Top Day with the Last Chancers

April 5th was International Table Top Day, and I ran some games down in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town with the Last Chancers gaming club. I arrived at the Shack around 10am, and set up a game of Space Crusade which had been requested by some attendees.   Space Crusade was released in 1990 as a joint game between… (more…)

Table Top Day

Table Top Day is on 5th April this year, and is a celebration of all things table top – wargames, board games, card games and everything else. A number of clubs and venues are running events to celebrate this. The Last Chancers are running an event in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town that day where we’ll be running some… (more…)

Quite a large game of WHFB

After a  number of years of collecting my Daemons of Chaos, I finally got around to getting almost all of them painted. To celebrate this, I challenged Dave Leahy to organise a High Elf army to face my Daemons and thankfully he agreed to provide the opposition. As I have quite a few Daemons – over 12,000 points in fact… (more…)

TLC get all ETC-style!

Last night, the Last Chancers gaming club went all ETC and played a four against four team event using ETC rules. We played down at the Shack in Wicklow town as always, and the evening was a lot of fun. Dave Leahy was the main organiser, with help from Dave Holohan and the tables were ready and waiting for us…along… (more…)