Warhammer… what has happened?

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Wargaming Ireland logoIts been a good few months now since eighth has been released and well whats been happening with Warhammer? Seemingly nothing much! No new books have been released at which I am suprised, especially considering that there has been a huge amount of High Elves models relased. It would have in my opinion been a perfect time to release a High Elf book. I was quite suprised not to see it. With an expected release of Skaven models in January there won’t be a book to accompany them. GW’s laissez-faire attitude is strange as after the release of the new edition you would have thought the euphoria of the changes would have made for a buying frenzy. If this is a deliberate scheme it could be a good thing. For one GW may have let the initial changes sink in and then looked at the feedback. Having done this is should be easier to create army books that the players actually want. This would involve a rather large overhaul of the current books with a lot of options being adjusted. It would also allow for a faster release schedule in 2011 maybe with four books being released rather than just two. In essence the rules would be in an open beta now if this was the case and in my opinion its good. While the core rules won’t change the application of them easily could with points being adjusted heavily against magic armies. For instance adding fifty points to a level three wizard and having the fourth level cost another fifty would soon make magic heavy armies harder to field. The same could be true of warmachines with the more effect template weapons getting a higher cost. A few small adjustments like these over the next few army books would quickly balance out a lot of the complaints that have been levelled at the game.

Orcs and Goblins are rumoured to be next book released as are the Tomb Kings. The Tomb Kings really do need to get an update as they are almost imcompatible with the current edition though if you continue along this line of thinking Wood Elves, Brettonians and Ogres would be due for an update soon. The Orcs while not a powerhouse have benefitted immensly from the new rule changes. The other armies mentioned really need radical changes to compete. The problem being that the more powerful armies currently are the ones that need changing the most. Taking the current Orcs and Goblins as a bench mark it would be nice if all armies were levelled out at their power level. I can’t ever see this happening but I would like it to. The most likely course of action is continuing as before with a slow power creep in the army books. At the beginning this wouldn’t be such a problem in general as this would bring the armies being released on a par with the current powerhouses of Lizards, Deamons and Undead. However as before another book would quickly be released that unbalances all that came before.


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  1. bubba gar says:

    I am so piss of with gw ,it looks like it is going to be 8 months after 8th warhammer was released to bring out a army book. They should have had 2 books out 2 months out after the knew rule book was out .

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